Although I consider myself primarily a designer, I also try to bring the skills of a writer and illustrator to my work. I was a principal in the New York design firm of Ross Culbert & Lavery for almost three decades, developing consumer and business-to-business materials for clients from all walks of life, including publishers, museums, legal and accounting firms, banks, film distributors and entrepreneurs. I've even won some awards for my work, though I'd be hard pressed to name them.


I've worked since 2011 as a freelance design consultant to an equally eclectic array of clients. My approach to all design projects is to listen carefully to the client's goals and find the best, most thoughtful and cost-effective route to get them there. It's really that simple.


I graduated from School of Visual Arts in New York City with the Rhodes Family Medal for Excellence in Graphic Design. The medal was stolen when my apartment was burglarized. I now live 90 minutes north of New York City in the beautiful Mid-Hudson Valley, where I jointly own a small apple orchard. I hope some day to have a riding mower.


My fine art work can be viewed at



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